Lab Testing

Our state of the art in-house testing facility offers our clients peace of mind with the pre-installation testing needed to avoid potential liability issues. Whether it's confirming an athletic playing surface meets ASTM safety standards or carpet to be tested for aviation specifications, we provide a quick turnaround with accurate results.


Testing results are only as good as the accuracy. That's why we rely so heavily on modern equipment to ensure our clients have the most trustworthy outcome. With consistent, up to date calibrations, nothing is left to chance.

This procedure measures the critical radiant flux of horizontally mounted floor-covering systems exposed to a flaming ignition source in a graded radiant heat energy environment in a test chamber. (ASTM E648)

This fire test response standard covers determination of the specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials. (ASTM E662)

This test method covers the measurement of mass per unit area of machine-made woven, knitted, and tufted pile yarn floor covering both before and after an adhesive-back coating application. (ASTM D5848)

This procedure determines the force necessary to pull or break a tuft from the carpet or turf sample.(ASTM D1335)

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